All songs written by Peter Simon Bailey 2010


Recorded, edited & mixed by Matt Knapp at Grape Vine Studios, Brighton, between 2011 & 2017


Produced by Matt Knapp, Rob Grice & Peter Simon Bailey


Peter Simon Bailey - Acoustic guitar & vocals

Rob Grice - Lead guitar, keys (Long Roads & Love Walls / Elona / That Time / Cashing Trust Tokens), trumpet (Counting Sheep), bass guitar (Spending Free Time / Assume), glockenspiel (Look In To Look Out / As Children)


Matt Knapp - Slide guitar (Long Roads & Love Walls), bass guitar (Counting Sheep), backing vocals (Counting Sheep), synthesizers, samples.


Eddie H Smith - Bass guitar (Long Roads & Love Walls / Elona / Look In To Look Out / That Time / Glass Heart)


Callie Bodington-Howard - Vocals (Long Roads And Love Walls / Elona / Glass Heart)


Jim Matthews - Drums

Theia & Noah Knapp - Counting (Counting Sheep)

An ocean of sound waves waits, captured here in a space we’ve borrowed from the universe.


We pushed strings, pressed keys, hammered skins & exhaled breath against the atmosphere of a tiny room.


We sculpted airwaves & fed them into electrical wires.


We’ve created a frame for our inspiration, a window to our hearts, a time capsule of our energy.


This time could not have been better spent -


As we jammed with the universe.


PSB – Grape Vine Studios, Brighton - March 2017.